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a year and nine months ago since ive updated this - learn it live it love it! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Juan DeDios Mejia

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a year and nine months ago since ive updated this [Nov. 3rd, 2008|11:17 pm]
Juan DeDios Mejia
[Current Location |4404 E.Oltorf Ave. Austin, TX 78741 P.O. Box 5102]
[music |undiscovered-ashlee simpson]

    So a lot has changed since I last updated. I am a sophomore now at St.Edwards University in Austin, TX (only the best city in the world). I love it here. I have great friends, a good job, school is ehh school and I decided today what I want to do with my life. I wanna major in Spanish/International Business and minor in Public Relations. I'm excited to study abroad next year. I think it will be a growing experience for me. Today I was talking to Natalie and Jules and I realized that college is about growing and changing and getting out of your comfort zone. I look back and see how much I've changed just last year. I've been reading old posts that Val and I used to write and its crazy how stupid we were! So materialistic and shallow. Honestly if I met Val and I right now and how we were in 10th grade, I would kick our asses, all of our asses! Mine, Val's, Shoumi's, Brooke's, Soffee's etc. I love my new friends though. They are all like no one I've ever met. I love
Susie- Bitch is CRAZY. I have never met someone like her. She is so beautiful and has money and guys fall all over her but shes not happy. Shes way too over-sensitive and fragile.She takes my sarcasm to heart. Aside from that were there for eachother and are pretty much together everyday.  

Natalie- One word to describe her, intense. Shes so pretty and different and doesnt see her full potential. She cares too much for people and needs to stop that but at the same times thats what makes her beautiful on the inside and outside.
Jules- She is the complete opposite of me, she actually goes to dance classes, does not have a care in the world, listens to good music and is not a bitch at all . She intrigues me.
Christiana- I think if i was a girl, besides being Val, I would be her. Shes gorgeous and half mexican like me! She tells it how it is and is so chill and gets my mexican humor. She is great:)
Dyan- Oh one of the most beautifully broken people ever. Shes gorgeous. I actually liked her a lot. Its crazy. Shes so nice, and is there for you when you need her, but a little too much. She needs to worry about herself and drop others at times. She needs to be the true Dyan and I will lover her even more!
I also love Stephanie, Mandy, Andrew, Goldy, Angela, Jackie, Emily,  Winnie, Gina and Aine.
And like kissing Taylor.
I could not have survived college without Melanie.
I still LOVE Val, Derek, Soffee, An and Sondre.
Whatever the future hold with these friendships, I know it will be a good one:)