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there it is matthew...cuz u say i never update - learn it live it love it! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Juan DeDios Mejia

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there it is matthew...cuz u say i never update [Jan. 14th, 2006|09:57 pm]
Juan DeDios Mejia
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |screwed- paris hilton]

Ok so its been a good weekend so far...well kinda. yesterday i went over to monica pena's house and marco came too and we watched "house of wax" and ate pizza. later on alvaro showed up and this girl named kailee who's really nice and really pretty. then more ppl showed up...kent,his gf jenniffer, crystal and this other guy...i forgot his name..:/. but ya i felt really akward cuz i dont really talk to any of those ppl so i just talked on the phone a little but they were nice so it got a little better. it was mainly akward cuz they were all smoking cigarettes (cept for me, marco and kailee)so i was just standing there talking to alvaro while i inhailed second hand smoke. but it was a good thing they were nice.then i took alvaro home and we talked on the way there..it was pretty cool. and today i hung out with An, we went to Le Madeline and we both had the chicken pesto pasta...i love it and it was still early when we were done eating so we decided to go to jamba juice..which i LOVE too..im soooo full (im still drinking my jamba right now)..but ya im really sick of school. i just wanna sleep through the next year and a half and wake up and be at UT having the time of my life. i really wanna do good on my SAT so ill for sure get into UT or ill be sad but if i dont get i ima go to A&M with val ♥ . i havent talked to matt mulroy which makes me sad cuz we talked like everyday and its been like a week which isnt much but when u talk everyday it seems like alot.well yeah ima go watch tv cuz im bored and ya leave a comment if u want..w/e ima go be lazy...bye ♥